When is the Best Time to Start Treatments for Citrus Greening?
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The simple answer is the sooner you treat your trees with Citrus Greening Solution the sooner they will be on the road to recovery and again be able to produce abundant large tasty fruit! Many people you talk to will say its hopeless if your tree has Citrus Greening and the only solution is to cut down the tree, dig up the stump and plant a new young tree in it’s place. We have read the REAL scientific research, and we have seen the actual results, complete restoration of the Commercial Groves that have been using the active ingredients found in Citrus Greening Solution. We know what you should do, use:
Citrus Greening Solution!
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Citrus Greening Solution
What is Citrus Greening?
Citrus Greening is a bacterial infection that is devastating citrus trees throughout the world. The bacteria spreads throughout the tree and causes the xylem and phloem (the tubes that transport nutrients up from the roots and down from the leaves) to become constricted and prevents their proper function. This disease is "contagious" in that it is spread rapidly wherever it is found, and your trees may be infected although they do not yet show the symptoms of yellowing leaves and misshaped fruit. Citrus Greening Solution is a COMPLETE Treatment Protocol, containing several specialized compounds that reverse the negative effects of the infection, allowing the tree to begin to function normally. This is accomplished by activating the trees own defensive system to fight the bacteria and also by providing the trace elements and micro nutrients that are essential for the tree to recover, along with nutrients where they are need most, on the stems and leaves. Once the tree starts to recover it’s natural defense system can then protect it against the psyllid that carries the disease from tree to tree. Once this recovery takes place, the tree can then begin to move nutrients and function normally with yellow leaves turning back to healthy dark green and growing abundant fantastic tasting fruit.
Don’t wait until your tree is so far gone it can not recover, order:
Why won’t more fertilizer help Citrus Greening?
The addition of N-P-K fertilizer does not remedy the symptoms caused by Citrus Greening, this would be similar to giving extra food to a person with clogged arteries. They have more nutrients in their system but the problem of the clogged arteries is not being addressed. Citrus Greening Solution provides additional nutrients along with components that have shown the ability to lessen the affects of the bacterial infection. Increasing the amount of fertilizer or spraying pesticides on an already infected tree will have no benefit. You need the help of the proven active ingredients in:
Where can I best battle Citrus Greening?
Because a tree infected with Citrus Greening can not move nutrients up and down like a healthy tree, the best way to help your tree recover is to apply Citrus Greening Solution as both a foliar spray and a root drench. This allows the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients and systemic activators to reach both the leaves and the roots at the same time. Our Bonus Hose-End sprayer is perfect for this type of application, it is pre-set to the correct application rate and will reach the top of trees up to 25 feet tall. The proprietary formulation of Citrus Greening Solution allows the application to completely coat the leaves and the additional product that drips off the leaves and soaks into the ground provides the root drench, thereby helping the tree both above and below ground. The best help for your sick tree is:
Who is going to be affected by Citrus Greening?
All citrus trees in the United States are susceptible to becoming infected. Since Citrus Greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB), was discovered in South Florida in 2005, within two years it has spread to all of the state's 32 citrus-growing counties. Greening was discovered in Texas and California last year and has also infected Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Hawaii.
University of Florida economists estimate the disease has caused $4.5 billion in economic damage and 8,200 lost jobs in the state of Florida alone.
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